The roots of my story begin with my family history and background and what has developed is me, and a passion for the body, nutrition and exercise.  I was born into a Nottinghamshire working class family during the 1980's miners strike. With my father on strike, our food shopping was about quantity not quality. 

After studying and performing as a dancer and training in the Pilates technique, I began to source snacks that would be high in energy and nutritious.  I grew a love for nuts and seeds (I could live off them!) and my tastes grew at a similar time the new market of healthy 'clean eating' did.  After moving to Marlow, Buckinghamshire and having children I found myself in the kitchen more and began to wizz a few ingredients in the blender!  I would readily purchase other leading energy ball brands to compliment by active lifestyle but they were short lived with my palate and my purse - I also did not really understand the ingredients on the labelling, so,  I decided to start making my own.  My wonderful Pilates clients were an inspiration and a real source for me to experiment with flavours. This has soon developed into my local artisan business, where my energy balls are enjoyed by dancers, athletes, people who want to focus on their health and well-being or those looking for a tasty treat!

My philosophy is 'less is more' and have been inspired by the book and notion  'L'arte de la Simplicité'; hence my products are handmade from naturally occurring unrefined ingredients.  I can vouch for quality nuts, seeds, dates, and amazingly nutritious raw fruit.  

I am a highly experienced dancer, dance teacher and qualified in Pilates mat and reformer. To find out more, visit ClaireHindleyPilates.com for info on my Pilates philosophy, practice and classes.

Claire's Amazeballs.

Homemade Healthy protein balls that taste amazing.

Flavours with Benefits. Simple. Happy. Amazing.

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