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Flavours with Benefits.  
Simple. Happy. Amazing. 

Claire's Amazeballs are homemade, healthy energy balls that excite your taste buds and supply your body with natural goodness. 100% Natural Ingredients 100% Homemade 100% Tasty. They taste AMAZING! We’re talking great flavours with great benefits. Each flavour combination has been carefully selected to ensure each ball blows you away with super tasty flavours. Rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants, Claire's Amazeballs are guilt free, loaded with buckets of natural energy. No long lists of unpronounceable ingredients and each energy ball is carefully measured, made and rolled at home by Claire in Marlow. Claire’s Amazeballs are vegan friendly and gluten free.



I love the flavour combinations of these snacks, plus they were good as a pre-workout snack and lasted very well without drying out. I liked the packaging as well, which felt like a box of chocolates and was also recyclable.

- Dr. Frankie Jackson-Spence /NHS Doctor, Personal Trainer, Influencer

The judges agreed they'd go back for more, and felt that little bit healthier from having eaten one. 

- Guild of Fine Food, Great Taste


Fuel on the fly; Tasty ways to stay energised while out and about!

- Health & Wellbeing Magazine

They leave a clean taste in the mouth with no synthetic after taste, unlike many other energy products on the market.

 - Helen /TriAthlete

I was constantly reaching for chocolate biscuits, however after discovering Claire's Amazeballs I enjoy the sweet fix without the guilt and plenty of nourishment.  They are perfect on the go or with a cuppa!

- Gabby/ busy mum & photographer

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